Surreal Fashion and Miniature doll Photography

Small Worlds

© 2018 Lauri Panopoulos  All Rights Reserved  

I am drawn to small things. As a child, the story of Gulliver's Travels to the land of the Lilliputians intrigued me. Lilliputians were tiny people ruled by an Emperor who governed the land with illogical rules. In my miniature photographic world, I suppose I am the Emperor creating order out of life.

Some of the following images are photographs of small characters and ball jointed dolls which I designed and sculpted by hand. Others were created by photographing real people then reducing, printing and cutting out the people to 6 inches tall which is doll house size. The tiny people were then placed into a tiny world with tiny doll house furniture.  


© 2018 Lauri Panopoulos All Rights Reserved